Works in Progress



  • Ima and Hatun’s new friend Fauac unlocks a power that could spell the destruction of their people. Can they stop him when he can’t stop himself?
  • Young adult fantasy
  • Begun April 2014
  • First draft completed May 2014 (59,500 words)
  • Third draft 20% complete

Raven and the Trinketeers

  • Raven wants to make up for his mistakes, but a new adventure ensues when he runs afoul of the Trinketeers, a small group of traveling craftsmen with a big secret.
  • Middle grade steampunk-fantasy
  • Begun November 2011
  • Fifth draft completed June 2014 (61,200 words)

Short Stories

“Should Have Prayed For a Canoe” (Read it on

  • Sister Bigsby gets more than she bargained for while playing bigger or better.
  • 3rd place in Mormon Lit Blitz 2015
  • Begun April 2015
  • Fifth draft completed April 2015 (990 words)

“We Are Healers”

  • Healing magic that comes at a price
  • Adult fantasy flash fiction
  • Begun November 2014
  • Second draft completed November 2014 (425 words)

“Welcome to RP1979-2”

  • A gift and a blessing for the newest inhabitant of RP1979-2
  • Adult sci-fi flash fiction
  • Begun October 2014
  • Second draft completed October 2014 (563 words)


  • Dealing with doubts and shattered dreams
  • Adult fantasy
  • Begun May 2013
  • Fifth draft completed January 2014 (1600 words)

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