Continuous Warping: The Best Invention Since Ever

Continuous Warping: The Best Invention Since Ever

I did not understand continuous warping until I bought an inkle loom last summer. My first tablet weaving projects were tensioned using my foot or a doorknob or this cheap little loom I made.


Without a warping board, it was a pain to try cutting all the warp threads to the same length. Continuous warping takes care of length, and the inkle loom is easy to tension.

When I first got my inkle loom, I wasn’t sure how to warp any tablet weave projects continuously besides double-face ones. (And I was done with double-face for a while after my painstakingly crafted trees came out looking like vases or aliens in the weave above.)

But after six inkle projects, I was ready to tackle tablet weaving again.

Oh man. Continuous warping is AMAZING!

I’ll have to do a tutorial sometime on the method I figured out for warping threaded-in tablet weave patterns on an inkle loom. For now, this is just a Public Service Announcement because (have I mentioned?) continuous warping is wonderful.



The pattern I’m weaving now is one of Guntram’s simple patterns. Guntram’s Tabletweaving Thingy is also on my list of awesome things.


The Dangers of Texting and Weaving



Much has been said on the dangers of texting and driving. Texting-related auto accidents are a concern nationwide. However, little to no notice has been taken of the threat texting poses to weaving.

Each time you pick up your phone to read or send a text while weaving, you risk disaster. One erroneous pass of the weft can set in motion a chain of errors, leading to hours, even days of unweaving.

With the noted rise in texting since 2008, the amount of time spent unweaving due to texting-related errors has increased exponentially. This brings the hours of time spent unweaving to an average of twelve hours a day nationwide.

It is never safe to text and weave at the same time. Keep yourself, your family, and your nation protected by waiting until you leave the loom to send your texts.