In Progress: Amigurumi Amumu


My husband plays League of Legends, and Amumu is his favorite champion, so I thought I’d whip up an amigurumi Amumu for him. Of course, as soon as I made the pieces and pinned them together, my water broke. So it’s still unfinished.

But I am determined to complete it before Christmas.

I tried something new with this amigurumi. I had a couple of good colors for it in my stash, and since I couldn’t decide which to use, I used both.


I switched colors each round, just carrying them along the inside. It gives him a subtle striped look. (He is supposed to be a mummy after all.)


Now I just need to sew him together and make him some big, sad, yellow eyes. I think I can do that before Christmas.

Happy Yarning!


Book Report: Krondor The Betrayal by Ramond E. Feist

IMG_4354This novel has reminded me why I don’t usually go in for epic fantasy. If you just want an adventure, with some quirky guys, headstrong ladies, a big bad, magic, mysterious clues, a climactic battle, and a few side quests, this is perfect for you.

But I want more character depth. For example, the main characters slice up bandits and assassins every other page with about as much thought or emotion as a D&D player. Their actions are never called into question because they’re the good guys.

The writing was also nothing spectacular. It could have been edited closer for repetitve words and phrases.

I’m not saying all epic fantasy is flat and wordy, but I found this novel disappointingly so.

Edit: It turns out this is a novelization of a video game (not noted on the cover). Everything makes much more sense.