Maiden Voyage of the Up-cycled T-shirt Grocery Bags

I finally evicted the assortment of too-small and too-holey t-shirts that have been living in my dresser. I hoped to make them useful as grocery bags. Three cuts and three seams per shirt was all it took. As a bonus, I get to sentimentally hang on to my college t-shirts a bit longer.

Here they are.

Here are the instructions I followed.

Today I used my new bags to get the groceries home, and they performed admirably.

Happy Yarning!

Sock Yarn (the Other Kind)


The sockalypse has come! My husband and I bought new socks to replace our pairs that are wearing out. He HATES sorting socks, so he insists that he own only one kind of white sock. What to do with all the socks that he no longer wants?

Sock yarn.


Yep. You didn’t think I really meant “all kinds of yarns,” did you?

Simply cut each cotton sock into one long strip. This could probably done in a spiral fashion, but I prefer to snip it into strips one direction, not cutting all the way to the end, then slit each strip in half from the opposite end, again not cutting all the way to the end. This results in a long zig-zag of sock. Give the thing a good stretch, and it’s ready to work with.

The possibilities of sock yarn are limited. After all, who wants something made out of old socks? But this would be great for something like a bathroom rug. It makes a cushy, absorbent fabric when crocheted.


I need to finish up a wedding present and my Hufflepuff scarf before I can invest any more time in this, but the upcycled sock yarn rug will be a thing. I assure you.

Happy Yarning!