Completed: Amigurumi Amumu

I finished Amumu in time for Christmas! My husband found him in his stocking yesterday morning.

(See my previous post about making Amumu)


Amigurumi Amumu is so cuddly. Maybe he won’t be sad anymore.

Happy Yarning!


Learning Amigurumi

I tried amigurumi (the craft of crocheting stuffed toys) before I knew there was a term for it. In college I crocheted several dragons. Here are the two I still have: Stewart and St. Elmo. Poor St. Elmo spent a lot of time living on our car’s dashboard and got sunburned.


Each of my dragons had shaping issues, probably because I tried to make them in one piece rather than sewing several pieces together. Now that I’ve seen so much adorable amigurumi online, I want to learn real techniques and give it another shot.

Yesterday I started with some basics. I found, where I learned the magic circle starting method and the invisible decrease, and then I tried out a sphere (following one of the ideal sphere patterns found on

Ta da!


I can totally do this. The only question is what should I make first?

Happy Yarning.