Completed: Amigurumi Amumu

I finished Amumu in time for Christmas! My husband found him in his stocking yesterday morning.

(See my previous post about making Amumu)


Amigurumi Amumu is so cuddly. Maybe he won’t be sad anymore.

Happy Yarning!


In Progress: Amigurumi Amumu


My husband plays League of Legends, and Amumu is his favorite champion, so I thought I’d whip up an amigurumi Amumu for him. Of course, as soon as I made the pieces and pinned them together, my water broke. So it’s still unfinished.

But I am determined to complete it before Christmas.

I tried something new with this amigurumi. I had a couple of good colors for it in my stash, and since I couldn’t decide which to use, I used both.


I switched colors each round, just carrying them along the inside. It gives him a subtle striped look. (He is supposed to be a mummy after all.)


Now I just need to sew him together and make him some big, sad, yellow eyes. I think I can do that before Christmas.

Happy Yarning!