One-String Booties


I’m making a pair of booties for Baby.

They’re based loosely on this pattern, which I like because it doesn’t require sewing any pieces together or weaving in lots of ends. Each bootie is one string of yarn from start to finish (well, plus the optional drawstring or ribbon). And right now, anything I can simplify is great.

My baby has very long feet, so it took me two tries to get the sizing right, but the first bootie is finished.


Happy Yarning!


In Progress: Amigurumi Amumu


My husband plays League of Legends, and Amumu is his favorite champion, so I thought I’d whip up an amigurumi Amumu for him. Of course, as soon as I made the pieces and pinned them together, my water broke. So it’s still unfinished.

But I am determined to complete it before Christmas.

I tried something new with this amigurumi. I had a couple of good colors for it in my stash, and since I couldn’t decide which to use, I used both.


I switched colors each round, just carrying them along the inside. It gives him a subtle striped look. (He is supposed to be a mummy after all.)


Now I just need to sew him together and make him some big, sad, yellow eyes. I think I can do that before Christmas.

Happy Yarning!

(Still) in Progress: Green Twill Blanket


Remember that green blanket I was knitting back in June? Well, it’s almost finished. I took some long breaks from it to sew Medieval garb, but now I’m back on the knitting horse (nesting might have something to do with this).

As soon as I finish the big green square, I will crochet or knit a thin white border around the edge. I’m inclined to crochet the border, because I know more tricks with crocheting than knitting, but I’ve heard that I’ll have to be careful since the two types of work stretch so differently. Anyone have experience mixing knit and crochet? Any tips you can offer?


Happy Yarning!

In Progress: Green Twill Blanket (and Baby)

I’ve crocheted or knitted a number of baby blankets over the years, but this one is extra special for me, because it’s the first that I intend to keep. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November.


I still only have a vague idea of what that actually means. But I do know one thing–I’ll have a captive recipient for all sorts of knitted and crocheted projects during the next few years. Mwahahahahaha.


As you see, I’m using the twill pattern I developed back in April when I got a knitting itch. Three guesses why I was itching to knit.

Happy Yarning!