Book Report: The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

IMG_4389I put off reading this for years after it was recommended to me. I think it was the cover that turned me off. I couldn’t relate to that girl on the cover. She looked like the heroine of a sappy romance.

You’d think I would’ve learned by now not to judge books by their covers.

The Goose Girl is full of frank characters and great imagery. I enjoyed it very much. It didn’t matter that I knew the story already since I grew up on Grimms’ fairy tales.

Highly recommended.

Merry Christmas!


Fun with Freezer Paper

I picked up a new hobby! Freezer paper stenciling. All you need is an iron, some acrylic paint or fabric paint, some freezer paper, a knife, and an idea. There are dozens of great tutorials online.

IMG_4128 IMG_4129

I was surprised and delighted by the crisp lines I could achieve. However, I have learned that very thin parts of the stencil got muddled when I blotted on the paint too thickly, as you see with the orange text on the Faster Than Light onesie. Perhaps I can clear up the lettering with white paint and a thin brush.

Seriously though, if you ever want to decorate a t-shirt/bag/onesie/etc., try freezer paper stenciling!

Happy Yarning.

Book Report: Princess Academy: Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale

IMG_4096As good or better than the first book. I’d recommend it for girls ages 12 to 99–and especially for one girl I know named Keziah, who hasn’t read it yet.

After the first few chapters, I thought I knew where the story would go and how it would get there, and I felt slightly bored. But as the plot progressed and developed, I enjoyed it far too much to care whether I’d guessed the ending correctly.

Hale’s prose is fun and reads effortlessly. She’s the kind of author who makes me want to work harder on my writing.

One other note (to anyone who’s seen The Princess Bride), this is a kissing book.