Adventures with Linen: The Tunic is Trimmed

Ta da! I’ve spent many, many hours on this garment, so I’m glad my husband likes it.

Victory pictures:


(He offered to model it properly, but first I snapped a few shots of him in his natural habitat.)




The tablet-woven trim is narrow (only 16 cards), but it does a lot to bring the tunic together.


Happy Yarning!


Completed: Amigurumi Amumu

I finished Amumu in time for Christmas! My husband found him in his stocking yesterday morning.

(See my previous post about making Amumu)


Amigurumi Amumu is so cuddly. Maybe he won’t be sad anymore.

Happy Yarning!

Completed: Serpent/Eve Tabletwoven Belt

I actually finished this up before we left for Germany.


The completed length is 98 in (2.5 m) + tassels. It is about 1.4 in (3.5 cm) wide. The thing barely fit on the loom, actually. It looks like I can’t do many more than 16 cards with medium weight yarn on my little inkle loom.

I’m thinking a long, ceinture type of belt.


The pattern in these earthy colors is reminiscent of a serpent, and it makes me think of Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Also, I forgot how comfortable this dress is. I think I might just stay in garb for the rest of the day.

Happy Yarning!

Completed Endless Knots Inkle Belt

Since my sister was in town, I put in the last few hours to finish up my sixth inkle project, the Celtic belt she commissioned in navy, white, and gold.

Here it is with the D-rings already attached, ready to be cut to the final length and finished.


I derived this endless knots design from the Celtic pickup pattern on


I’ve certainly improved at keeping the width and tension constant throughout, compared to my first project eight months ago, which had this same design in different colors.




I think whatever I weave next will use medium weight yarn for the warp and weft. Think how quickly that will weave up compared to #10 crochet cotton!

Happy Yarning.



Completed Tunisian Potholders

Yes, indeed, I have finished the Tunisian crochet potholders (highlighted in a previous post) in time for church tomorrow.






They wanted to model in the kitchen:



Ain’t nothing going to burn you through these.

Happy Yarning!