Filet Crochet Anniversary Present

Today marks five years since my husband and I were married and sealed together for time and all eternity.

A few weeks ago I decided to add some lettering to the filet crochet temple from a previous post and turn it into an anniversary present for my wonderful man.

I still need to finish the edging and blocking, but here’s the piece so far.


I can’t wait to hang it on the wall as a reminder that as long as we’re true to each other and to God, not even death can part us.

Happy Yarning!

This Is Just to Say

(A la William Carlos Williams)


I’ll be updating

this blog

only once a week

for now.


Thank you for


this past year

of bi-weekly updates.


Forgive me

I want more time

to do the things

I blog about.



Happy Yarning.