A Successful July Camp

I’m on track to finish camp today! 10,000 words doesn’t seem like very much when I glance back across the scenes I wrote this month, but it’s a big accomplishment for me. Really, any amount I write gets me closer to that sweet “The End” summit up ahead.

If you’re staring at a word count goal you know you can no longer reach this month, remember:






So, how did you succeed this month?

Edit: I won!


Happy Yarning, everyone!


7 thoughts on “A Successful July Camp

  1. Though I was going for 30,000 I wrote just over 25,000. I’m proud of that, especially since this month has allowed me to world build in addition to moving forward in Topaas. I did some great world building, created new enchanted races and Topaas feels fuller and more real. I feel success even though I didn’t reach my goal. I jumped higher than I would have otherwise. 🙂

  2. Ahhh…I almost made my goal! Too much has happened in the past month for anything to make sense. Getting a new job, moving to Portland, and taking this impromptu vacation down to California just didn’t give me the chance to buckle down and work like I needed to. However, I did write 16,000 words, so even if I didn’t make that last bit to my 20K goal, I feel good. I’m glad you managed to get in so many words and so much work while doing the MOM THING too! You’re a super woman 🙂

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