A Week of Flash Fiction

Have you read the flash fiction pieces posted this week on lit.mormonartist.net? They’ve been wonderful, some of them piercingly touching. I’m excited for the rest. And of course only a week left until you all get to read my story “Should Have Prayed For a Canoe.”

Voting for the winner of Mormon Lit Blitz 2015 will take place in June. Everyone votes for their top 4 favorites, so be sure to read them all.

On the crafty side of things, I’ve been keeping busy sewing, namely a dice bag for my brother-in-law and a sideless surcoat for Baby.

After my last fiasco with sewing baby clothes, I figured I better try a garment that can’t go wrong (famous last words, right?). Pictures to follow.

Happy Yarning!


Spin your yarn:

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