Things Have Been Rather Yellow and Black Recently

I don’t tend to do a lot in yellow or black, but by coincidence both the hat I crocheted last week and the scarf I’m now knitting are in those colors.

The hat was a present for my nephew.


And the scarf is for me.


The scarf has a story. It turns out four members of one of my writing groups are all in different Hogwarts houses (according to Pottermore). Back in elementary school and junior high I liked to think I was a Gryffindor, in high school I prided myself on being a Ravenclaw, but I have recently come to accept and embrace that I really have been a Hufflepuff all along. If you will, I’ve come out of the Hufflepuff closet.

On an unrelated note, Featherfolk is gliding along!

Happy Yarning.


3 thoughts on “Things Have Been Rather Yellow and Black Recently

  1. That hat is adorable! Your nephew must love it. It took me just a second looking at the first picture to realize it wasn’t just a smile, it was a lego man. Good luck on your Hufflepuff scarf. I’ve never met an unhappy Hufflepuff, so I can’t imagine why people act like there is a cloest to come out of 🙂

    Also, I’m back in town, so looking forward to seeing you, maybe next week at game night?

  2. Hm… I’m pretty sure Leigh is Slytherin, and I think I’m Ravenclaw (at least, I am according to Pottermore), so we either need to go find a Gryffindor or just ignore them in our group.

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