Dear Facebook,

I think we should see less of each other.

It’s not you, it’s me. I just can’t (read: won’t) help myself. When I see your sleek, picture-filled newsfeed, full of funny stories, though-provoking epithets, and snippets of my friends’ lives. All I have to do is scroll down.

I can lose myself in you for an hour (or more). And sometimes that hour is during the magical and precious time when Baby is sleeping deeply.

Being with you is so easy. Too easy. It’s time to set some boundaries. Time limits. A reward system. Something.

I need to hold myself accountable for how I spend my time.

If you need me, I’ll be writing. With Scrivener.

Happy Yarning,



6 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. I understand this completely. Right now, I’ve promised myself I won’t check Facebook or Twitter until I’ve written at least 600 words for the day. Not only is it a huge time-suck, but I’m not even getting that much value out of Facebook anymore. I’m constantly scrolling past things my friends “liked” that I don’t care about. And then the ads…

    And you definitely have to viciously guard the time baby’s napping. Don’t beat yourself up too much for not writing just after having a baby though. Other professions get maternity leave. Writing should too.

    • Thanks. It has been way harder to write with a newborn than I ever imagined. I really get in trouble when I go comparing myself to other people instead of focusing on what I am actually capable of at this time.

  2. Lol!! That goes through my mind everyday! It is time consuming and lack of something better to do I think….sometimes! I do have to satisfy quite a few ladies with patterns I locate, part of what I do…and sometimes I avoid my personal page because every single day the same people…good morning, good night, the weather, my big toe, my hip, my this and that…look what I just did…photo of a boo boo wrapped up in a bandage! Lol!!! I am still waiting for a photo of someone showing what came off toilet tissue. It will come about, I am certain! Lol!

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