Writing My Novel Out Loud

I’m trying a new thing. I don’t know if it will work.

I spend a lot of the day nursing or rocking my daughter, which means I can’t spend much of the day with both hands on the keyboard.

(I have been developing my one-handed typing skills. I’m typing this with my left hand right now.)

So a few days ago I tried to record myself speaking my novel and then transcribe the recording when Baby was asleep.

And I discovered that I speak…very….VERY…slowly when I do that.

Telling stories out loud isn’t a skill I have developed. I can read aloud, or memorize and recite short tales, but I can’t create and speak at the same time, unless I’m just making up some short nonsense story.

It also seems like the sentences don’t come to mind quite in chronological order. I’ll think of a great line for the next paragraph before I’ve figured out how the current paragraph should go.

Basically, unless I can pick up the pace, I may as well type with one hand.

Have any of you tried something like this?

Happy Yarning!


3 thoughts on “Writing My Novel Out Loud

  1. I haven’t tried dictating, but I tell my stories out loud to friends a lot. I tend to jump all over the place. Also, when I’m writing I sit and think for long periods of time before any words come out, so I’m not sure dictation would work for me.
    However, I heard that Dragon is a very good dictation/transcription program. Maybe it would be useful to you?

  2. I have a voice-recorder that I used once or twice to develop ideas. I know I tend to think better when talking my story out to someone, or just out loud in general, but it’s harder to just talk out loud (and easier to get distracted), so the recorder acted as a focus, I guess. Maybe I should use it more. But the transcription part… eh, not so great at. Words do tend to flow better for me when I’m typing.

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