Sewing Fail

I had never tried to make clothing for children before. I assumed sewing a medieval dress for my baby would be like making a dress for an adult.

Not so.

Part way through sewing the pieces together, I discovered that I could not get the dress on her. Apparently, non-stretchy garments have to be quite a bit bigger than the baby they’re intended for.

After fiddling around with adding more panels to the dress, I finally ran out of time and gave up. Baby went to the faire in her mundane clothes.

Live and learn!

Happy Yarning.


One thought on “Sewing Fail

  1. Yeah, babies have big heads. You can do things like leave a shoulder seam ‘open’ and put ties in for closure. Learning smocking is another possibility that’s interesting but I assume is a later invention.Glad you’re working on it. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

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