Intarsia Hat

It turns out intarsia is quite fun!

Only, don’t try to do it in the round right off the bat.

My husband asked for a haircut so he wouldn’t “look like a bum” in all the pictures with our newborn. Of course, the morning after the haircut, when he stepped out into the frosty weather, he asked for a hat.

(This sounds like a children’s book I could write: If you give a husband a haircut, he’ll probably ask for a hat.)

Anyway, he wanted a Minecraft creeper hat. So I went to the internet, learned about intarsia–knitting large blocks of color–and then learned some tricks for making intarsia work in the round, because it doesn’t actually work in the round.

This video by planetpurl was helpful.

Then I proceeded to blunder through this hat. Ta da!

IMG_4303 IMG_4308

(Here’s the back side and inside.)

IMG_4304 IMG_4306

I can think of all kinds of projects where intarsia will come in handy. I’m glad I’ve begun to learn it.

Happy Yarning!


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