Tunisian Crochet Resource

I’m still working out what I want to do with a bunch of sweet green wool yarn I was gifted. Right now it’s going to be a Tunisian crochet afghan. (Click here for my tutorial on basic Tunisian crochet.)

Since I’m using only one color, I’m experimenting with lots of different textures. My main resource for the different stitches and patterns is this website: My Tunisian Crochet. Sadly, some of the links on the site are broken, but the information that is there is fantastic, especially the youtube videos of how to work different stitches. Head on over if you want to spice up your Tunisian crochet repertoire.

Here’s the afghan stripe on my hook right now. I love the texture!



Happy Yarning.


7 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet Resource

    • I’m doing fantastic, thanks! Tunisian crochet can be really fun and versatile. My mom taught me the basics, but I learned most everything else I know about it from the internet. Good luck on your UFOs. Will there be pictures when they’re finished?

      • I’ve just looked it up and it turns out one of my UFOs IS Tunisian crochet!!! I just know it by a different term – the Swedish term krokning. The krokning UFO is my UFO of shame/ridicule as it’s been under way for more than 10 years. And yes, there will be photos – eventually.

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