Fun with Flash Fiction

My friend Annaliese Lemmon recently introduced me to flash fiction and this wonderful thing called Daily Science Fiction.

Flash fiction is a subset of short story with a very low word count. Depending on whose submission guidelines you check, flash fiction pieces range from no longer than 1,500 words to no longer than 300 words. In any case, they’re short.

I’ve long considered myself a novelist (and not a short story writer), because I love to read novels (and I didn’t think I liked short stories). It turns out I hadn’t been exposed to the right short stories yet.

In my time as a volunteer slush pile reader for Leading Edge Magazine, and from reading some of Annaliese’s short fiction work, I discovered that I like well-crafted sci-fi and fantasy stories–no matter the length.

I love that authors can narrate a few impactful scenes (or just one) and in doing so actually tell a vast narrative.

It’s like poetry.

Daily Science Fiction is an online magazine that publishes one sci-fi or fantasy flash fiction story 5 days a week. They also sell anthologies of the work they’ve published. Go check out their archives. Maybe you’ll love flash fiction, too.

Also, check out Annaliese’s blog! Two of her short stories are available as ebooks.

Happy Yarning!


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