Theme Songs

griffin music

Sometimes I find songs that fit certain characters and scenes in my stories, as if for a soundtrack.

I listen to music while I write, though it has to be instrumental music or songs with lyrics that I’ve heard a billion times before. While writing Featherfolk, I went looking for songs to match my characters and found some really great ones. They were rock and pop, which added some nice variation to my mainly instrumental playlist.

But now, switching back to work on Gwen’s story, I find I can’t listen to those Featherfolk songs without getting derailed into thoughts about griffins.

Clearly I need some new music.

Anyone else like to find theme songs for your characters? Do you just listen to the radio and wait for things to pop out at you, or do you go on a dedicated search?

Happy Yarning!


12 thoughts on “Theme Songs

  1. I don’t have theme songs (yet) but there is definitely a specific type of music that I listen to when I write. Celtic Woman and Loreena McKennit are my trusted and true inspirational music when writing. Of course, I have also only written one book and I may face a problem with the next one I write and have to find different music to write to. I guess we’ll find out in November…..

  2. With all the difficulty I’ve been having on writing Strikeslip City, one of the things that I decided would help me best is if I did have a soundtrack for it. There’s at least one song that’s perfect, since Strikeslip is based somewhat on a city from Final Fantasy VI, for which I own the soundtrack and can therefore listen to the theme song for that city. Having that song, and a few others, reminds me of the mood of running around in that city and other similar places with the other songs, and therefore helps me to set the mood for Strikeslip.

    Basically sound tracks are awesome.

  3. I don’t have theme songs, but I do have a playlist that helps put me in the mood. For my current WIP, that playlist consists of songs from Zelda, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mulan. Soundtracks are awesome.

  4. My playlists include a variety of songs. For Topaas I love the Beyond CD by William Joseph but I’ve also found songs that describe Malloria’s feelings towards Jamie, Garrett, Rosalyn, and Samuel (of course his is for later in the book). I have a song for Borgon which is super creepy and I have songs for Jamie to Malloria. Each song helps in its own way as I’m writing. I mostly went to Andrea’s Grooveshark account and started listening to songs and found that they related to my characters.

  5. Yes! I have theme songs. It all started a couple years ago when my friend started finding theme songs for my D&D character. They stuck. Since then I’ve been on the lookout for songs for my novel characters. I listen around to music on my iPod, the radio, pandora, or sort through songs I’ve never heard before while making playlists for Grooveshark. Some of those songs have influenced how the story will go. They whack me on the head and I know who it belongs to.
    While I’m writing I prefer silence, but when I’m at work trying to write or need to get in a certain mood I’ll turn on music. I mostly use music while writing to drown out the world around me if there’s stuff going on. It puts me in a bubble.

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