Now for the Prettying

My linen underdress is finished, and my wool overdress is all put together and hemmed!

IMG_4084 IMG_4087

Now for the part where I spend a few weeks on embellishments. I thought the hems, chain-stitched in white wool thread, took a long time, but I have evil plans to finish some of the long seams with Mammen cushion stitch. Here’s my practice scrap.


I tend to take a rather liberal view of what is historically accurate to a given place and time. For instance, I’m okay with using a stitch found on a tenth-century Viking pillow for my tenth-century Anglo-Saxon dress. As a crafty person, I’m prone to trying to recreate pretty things I see, so I figure Anglo-Saxon women wouldn’t have hesitated to try out stitches they saw their neighbors wearing. Unless they were busy running for their lives at the time. Silly Vikings.

See what I mean? Rather liberal.

In addition to these seam treatments, I’ll (hopefully) eventually add tablet-woven bands or silk onto the the cuffs, neckline, and possibly hem of my overdress.

Pretty. Pretty. Pretty…time-consuming! But at the end I’ll have my first “period” garb.

Happy Yarning.


9 thoughts on “Now for the Prettying

  1. “AAAA, Viki… ooh, can I check out the stitchwork on your seam there?”
    “Me wife did it. I’m very proud of it.”
    “Wow, that’s pretty awesome! I’ll need to do it myself sometime.”
    “Oh, but I’ve got to cut off your head now.”
    “Give me a head start?”
    “Okay… 10… 9….”

  2. Ah, I share your outlook! I have only just started sewing my linen underdress, but already am planning to put period-esque but not necessarily 100% accurate embroidered pretties on it. After all, if I can’t put the “creative” in SCA, why on earth is the C there at all!? 😀

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