The Perils of Bookstores



Sometimes, when I go to get pizza, I end up buying a book.

This happened on Saturday, when I ordered some take-and-bake over the phone and said I’d like to pick it up in about 10-15 minutes. Apparently it only takes five minutes to drive there.

So I thought I’d just take a peek in the bookstore next door and–oh look a bargain/used section and–ooh look it’s the first book in a series I enjoyed as a teenager.

Yes. Apparently I shouldn’t go into bookstores unless I’m okay with talking myself into buying things.

Anybody else have silly book-buying adventures?


5 thoughts on “The Perils of Bookstores

  1. I’m someone that hates spending money . . . unless it’s on books :). On the day that I finished my finals, one of the agents that I’ve been helping out handed me $100 as a thank you for my help. When work got over, I went right to the bookstore. Where else would I go? 🙂

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