Completed Stripes and Checkers Baby Blanket

Almost three months to the day since I started this project, it is finished!


I’m quite pleased with it.

I based the checkerboard design off several blankets I saw online, but the stripes were my own invention. The alternating sections of knit and purl are 12 stitches wide by 16 rows tall, plus a border of garter stitch 7 rows tall on the top and bottom and 7 stitches wide on the sides. I used size 6 circular needles and medium weight acrylic yarn.

It ended up being 44 inches by 37 inches (.9m x 1.1m), big enough to warm my lap.


I hope my friends’ baby girl will get some good use out of it.

Either way, I’d call my fourth knitting project a complete success.


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